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Knights of Columbus

Ministry Detail

Who We Are

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's fraternal organization that was formed originally to provide insurance for widows and orphans of deceased members. Since its founding, the scope of the organization has increased to include raising funds for charitable works, supporting vocations, scholarships, and being active in promoting Catholic values, such as the right to life.  Knights from St Joseph Parish and St Mary Immaculate Parish Elora make up the membership of Council 15333.

These are exciting times for the Council; a time of change, and a time of new opportunity. We have grown to 55 members since our inception in 2011 and are very active in both Parishes throughout the year.


What We Do

You may have seen us physically working hard at Church fellowship breakfasts, where our energy is devoted to helping raise parish spirit, at the Church picnic, or in raising funds for the Church renovations or for Local charities. We are also looking for new opportunities to be engaged in the local community and in performing charitable works.  New membership will help us to gain insights into these opportunities, support Catholic values in our local community, and allow us to become even more active members of the Church community.


Join Us

The Knights are in need of new members to bring new ideas and additional energy to the council.   Being a Knight does not require a great deal of time.  General meetings are held once monthly, usually on the second Wednesdays of the month, and are typically an hour-and-a-half in duration.  If you choose to volunteer for other activities, these activities are generally not too time consuming and are a great way to meet other parishioners and have some time for fellowship.