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Should doctors be forced to provide non-emergency care that goes against their conscience or religious beliefs?

Doctors in Ontario currently have the right to decline to provide non-emergency care that does not conform to their own moral and/or religious beliefs.  This allows them to opt out of non-emergency care referrals, such as abortions, emergency contraception and other medical care that violates their own conscience.  The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is now reviewing their Human Rights Code policy; the new policy will provide guidelines for physicians practicing medicine in Ontario.  There is pressure on the CPSO to include language in their policy that would require doctors to offer or refer patients for such non-emergency care, forcing them to go against their own personal beliefs.  The CPSO is accepting feedback on their website until August 5th -  We strongly encourage you to provide feedback using one of the methods they suggest and support the right of doctors to follow their own moral and/or religious beliefs in their medical practice.

As of Thurs. July 10th, 68% of respondents said that doctors should be required to make these referrals, on 32% said the doctors should have the right to act according to their moral and/or religious beliefs.  Please take a few minutes to visit the website noted above and cast your vote!

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