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Parish News

New Email Address

St. Joseph Parish has a new email address:!

Introducing FORMED

Should doctors be forced to provide non-emergency care that goes against their conscience or religious beliefs?

Doctors in Ontario currently have the right to decline to provide non-emergency care that does not conform to their own moral and/or religious beliefs.  This allows them to opt out of non-emergency care referrals, such as abortions, emergency contraception and other medical care that violates their own conscience.  The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is now reviewing their Human Rights Code policy; the new policy will provide guidelines for physicians practicing medicine in Ontario.

Thank you for your contributions!

We are pleased to advise that, thanks to your generosity, St. Joseph Parish, Fergus has raised $ 10,196.50 for the Philippines Relief effort. When matched by the Canadian Government, our contribution to this important humanitarian mission will be $20,393.00. Please note if your cheque was payable to Peace and Development or if paying by credit card, your receipt will come from Peace and Development, and not St. Joseph Church (but is still included in the amount listed above). Well done!

Our New Website

We have recently had a new website developed for our parish.  We hope you enjoy much of the added functionality!  Parishioners can now browse through bulletins, articles, upcoming events, photo galleries, and more!  We also invite you to sign up for email blasts using the form at the side of this page.  To report any concerns, please contact Adam Drewry using the link at the very bottom of this page.